World Wide Company Reports

This is not an automated robot service. Real people work on each instruction solving language and different filling processes in over 180 countries and jurisdictions. Our global network of data providers simplifies the process.

  • Fast. With our network of agents working within every country we are able to prepare and deliver reports faster than other services.
  • Accurate. Your report will be researched and investigated specifically to meet your enquiry and ensure the most up-to-date information available.
  • Professional. All our agents have detailed knowledge of the most reliable company information sources in their country.
  • Confidential. Your interest in the subject company is not revealed - not even our company search agents in the country are aware of your identity.
  • Full refund in the event that no company details can be found.

Company Information and credit risk assessment on any company:

  • ¬†All international credit reports are in English, and reports typically include
  • Incorporation details
  • Share Capital
  • Shareholder information
  • Directors
  • Business activity
  • Premises and location
  • Financial information as available
  • Risk assessment

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Through a worldwide network we can quickly provide you with comprehensive company reports on businesses in every country in the world in a format you can understand.